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Weddings, birthdays, baptisms, baby showers ...

Together, there are so many possibilities.

We can organise everything from beginning to end, or we can manage only a few topics of the event.

You decide !

The event is visualized together to make it suit your personality.


wedding chamonix bye events mcpix

Help you to find the dress, the costume, the rings

Plan the beauty makeover

Design the invitation and send it

Find the flowers, the decoration and do the set up

Find a DJ, a music band, a photographer

Organise guests' accomodation


Entrust us with your budget and your ideas, we will adapt to you and do our best to make you live an unforgettable moment.


You want a weeding without stress but matching your personality?

We manage absolutely everything, you will just have to enjoy the moment.


You want to organise some parts, but need help for the rest ?

Entrust us with those to avoid you to feel overwhelmed, we will take it over.



You planned to organise everything by yourself, but need some support to fully enjoy the D-day ?

Relax, we are here!


cake party chamonix bye events

Friend's birthday, wedding anniversary, baby shower, baptism ...

There are so many reasons to celebrate, to share pure happiness moments with your friends and family.

If you don't have time to organise an event meeting your highest expectations, if you need to solicit quality service providers, or if you simply need support, we are here to help you !

Contact us, we will talk about your ideas, you will put budget in our hands, and we will do our best to make you live an unforgettable moment.

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